Episode #202

What Are The Benefits Of Writing In Multiple Genres?

Have you ever wanted to dabble in different genres but have always been told to stick to one? Sometimes, you need to branch out and do what makes you happy. This week, Ari and Rachel are joined by Chyina Powell to discuss why writing in multiple genres is a great idea.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The benefits for writers
  • The benefits for readers
  • Thoughts on pen names
  • Thoughts on author branding

As always, thanks for listening and for your continued support of the show.

About Chyina Powell

About Chyina Powell

Chyina Powell is a multi-genre author as well as a freelance editor at Powell Editorial as well as the founder of the nonprofit organization, The Women of Color Writers’ Circle which offers a safe space for women of color to hone their craft.

In her free time, she can be found reading speculative fiction, drinking tea or working on her own manuscripts. She also enjoys crafting bookish gifts from time to time!

Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

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Rachel Poli

Rachel Poli


Rachel Poli is a multi-genre author with a soft spot for mystery.

She often experiments with short stories and flash fiction, however, she's currently working on the first book of her detective fiction series.

When she's not writing, she's usually cleaning, reading, or playing video games. She currently resides in New England with her zoo.

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